What is MOTHER 3: Tribute?

The MOTHER series by Shigesato Itoi is a trilogy that is often overlooked. With 3 games that are widely regarded as cult classics, the series never really took hold in the West, with its third installment having never been officially released outside of Japan. Despite this, the series has managed to inspire so many of its players to create amazing things.

MOTHER 3: Tribute is our contribution to that river of creativity—a love letter to the third game of the trilogy. Everything you see on this website, from videos to artwork, represents the culmination of over 2 years of work. Together with a team of 22 creatives from around the world, we produced hundreds of assets, which came together in the form of a mock trailer that depicts our vision for what MOTHER 3 could be like if it were remade using modern technology.

But no creator reaches any heights without standing on the shoulders of those who came before. None of this would've ever happened were it not for the efforts of Clyde "Tomato" Mandelin and Heidi "Poe" Mandelin, who created a fan translation of the original MOTHER 3 for the GBA. We're so grateful for everything they've done for the MOTHER community.

We invite you to learn about our team and explore the promotional artwork we created for the project. Though we have no intention to create a fully playable game or demo of any sort, we hope you enjoy the fruits of our efforts!