Is this a fangame?
Nope. You can read more about what it is on our About Page.

Will this ever be playable?
Not a fangame, so nope!

Why not make it a fully playable game?
The unfortunate reality is that making fan games about intellectual property you don't own without a license from the rights holders is illegal, and so any fan game that isn't shut down exists only at the mercy of the rights holder. When it comes to MOTHER related fan games, enforcement of such policies seems to be more lax than it is with other Nintendo-owned properties, but that doesn't remove the risk of such projects being shut down. We would rather be able to freely explore the aesthetics of a hypothetical remake without the anxieties related to fan games.

Additionally, making the entire game is just not feasible. Just the assets used in this 3 minute trailer took 2 years to make, and there's much more of the game that we didn't recreate. Even just making a demo of a small area would've been a prohibitively ambitious undertaking for us.

Why not pitch this remake to Nintendo?
Some people have pointed out that we could have created a proof of concept and pitched it privately to Nintendo. While doing so might've had a small chance of making the idea into a full reality, it would've been much more likely that such a pitch would be rejected, and the project forced to never be seen by the public. Our goal wasn't to try to manifest the existence of a real remake, but rather to be able to show the world our specific expression of the idea, free from the constraints of oversight. More importantly, however, we're predominantly a team of artists. Programming isn't really our strong suit.