Omni "Artsy Omni" Jacala

Creative Director


  • 3D Models (Characters, Props, Environments)
  • Music Arrangement
  • Battle Background Animation
  • 2D Effects (post-production)
  • Concept Art (Characters)
  • Additional 3D Animation
  • Video Editing
  • UI Design
  • Typeface Design
  • Website Development


Omni (known better as Artsy Omni online) is a 2D/3D artist and graphic designer, co-creator of Curiomatic, and co-founder of Drizzle Games, a small indie game company based in South Carolina. He is perhaps best known for creating the Smashified series, which debuted in the form of a hoax depicting Rayman as a leaked DLC character in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U & 3DS.

Aside from working on Mother 3: Tribute, he most recently celebrated the launch of Drizzle Games’ debut title, Gutsy the Guinea Pig, a physics puzzle game for iOS and Android for which he served as the sole artist and music composer.

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